Monday, January 25, 2016

Outstanding CO2 Cryo Cannon Sale - Buy One Get One 50% Off

co2 jet machine sale - Buy One Get One 50% Off
Its that time of year again.  Buy one dual or triple co2 cryo jet machine and get the second one 50% off. This sale only comes around once per year and is limited inventory.  CO2 cannons are ideal for cooling down hot nightclubs or simply creating stunning visual effects.  Atlanta Special FX has been creating these awesome machines for almost a decade and you can find them in over 90 countries.  Take advantage of this great sale and purchase your liquid co2 cryo cannons today.  Call now 888-664-0097 or visit the website at

Buy 2 and save 5% on all CO2 tank rentals until 2017 CO2 Masters

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Atlanta Special FX Launches Specialty Gas Division For Helium and Co2

Co2 Masters - Sales and Logistics
June 8, 2015 : Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta Special FX announces another new expansion as they continue nationwide growth in the special effects and event production industry.  This time the multi state, international company announces a sales and logistics team to handle all liquid siphon Co2 and specialty gases for concerts and event production.  Co2 masters will operate as the product fulfillment and logistics arm of Atlanta Special FX to ensure the gases for CO2 cryo jets, confetti cannons, cryo cannon fog guns, pyrotechnics, and liquid nitrogen systems are ordered, delivered and picked up for their customers.  As a world leader in Co2 cryo production Atlanta Special FX, and its teams in Denver, Dallas, Nashville, St Louis, Biloxi and Jamaica, continue to develop products and services ensuring their customers receive the highest quality of service with the least amount of hassle.  Not to mention their prices are some of the most aggressive in the industry for American made products.

Owner Michael Willett told us "It has been our mission from day one to provide the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, and we have done that.  We are one of only a few companies in the world that have held firm with our aggressive pricing structure and not increased prices to our customers since conception."  They also informed us that many more cutting edge products have been developed and are awaiting strategic launch dates. 

Willett also added "Co2 Masters was an idea we had years ago, however the timing and infrastructure was not in place.  Now it is and customers are raving about how we have become the true one stop shop and simplified the process."  According to data from Willett, Atlanta Special FX and Co2 Masters has negotiated specialty gas prices that drastically reduce cost to customer.  Call today for pricing 888-664-0097 and set up your FREE account.

To learn more about the recent expansion and the services offered by Co2 Masters visit their Facebook page at or you can visit


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Atlanta Special FX Still Expanding With Its First Cloudvertise® Office in Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi Special FX
Atlanta Special FX Announces Its Newest Office in Biloxi Mississippi.

Over the past year Atlanta Special FX has been on everyone's radar as they have initiated their plan for scaling the company.  This week we saw another new office open in Biloxi Mississppi that will provide local evnet and special effects service to Mississippi, parts of Florida, and Louisiana.  This new office comes as no surprise after the success of the recent Dallas, Denver, Nashville, St Louis and Jamaica offices.  According to owner Michael Willett "Our business model and work ethic are what separates us from the rest of the industry.  We have since day one focused on what our customers need and carved a niche around these needs.  We operate with integrity and ensure the customer is always happy."  The success of any business ultimately depends on how well change is accepted and how well a company adapts to new opportunities.  Atlanta Special FX and Biloxi Special FX will offer the same special effects and event products, as well as open a new market for 3D mapping and other lighting services that were not currently offered.  Biloxi Special FX will special in CO2 cryo fx, UV neon paint parties, low lying fog, fake snow, confetti, as well as offer an entire line of theatrical fluids.  These fluids will include artificial snow, fog fluid, foam fluid, UV paint, haze fluid and more.  Biloxi Special FX will also be the first location in Mississippi to provide the trendy aerial special effect Cloudvertise®.  You will soon be seeing dollar signs and other exciting eco friendly foam shaped clouds hovering in the skies around the MGM resorts.  These lighter than air shapes are stimulating marketing companies across the nation by offering a new marketing medium to place corporate logos in....The Sky.  For more information on the products and services offered by Biloxi Special FX, please click here and visit their website 

To learn more about Cloudvertise® follow the link


Atlanta Special FX 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Atlanta Special FX Expands Opens Corporate International Effects Office in Jamaica

Atlanta Special FX expands into International market just months after opening four new offices in the United States.

Sean Paul
Michael Marsh, of Jamaica told us “Michael and I talked for months about the lack of atmospheric special effects in Jamaica and decided it was time to introduce the island to some real fun experiences.”
Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) July 29, 2014
Just months after the recent announcement of Atlanta Special FX expanding offices to 4 new states, the exciting FX family does it again! Michael Willett, Owner of Atlanta Special FX and one time farmboy from Arkansas, is shocking the world with his new vision and strategies of bringing innovative event technologies to the masses. This time with their first international corporate office on the event packed island of Jamaica. This new office is scheduled to handle multiple large-scale outdoor festivals and sporting events every month with 10’s of thousands of tourists flocking to be included in the parties. Atlanta Special FX has partnered with local resident Michael Marsh of Jamaica after years of working together in the special effects world. Michael Marsh, of Jamaica told us “Michael and I talked for months about the lack of atmospheric special effects in Jamaica and decided it was time to introduce the island to some real fun experiences.” The Jamaica office hit the ground running and is already running special effects for festivals such as, Summer Fest, and recently lined the stage with triple nozzle CO2 cryo jets for Sean Paul.
Atlanta Special FX is an atmospheric special effects manufacturer and one of the fastest growing effects companies in the world right now. This one time home based rental group based in Atlanta Georgia is raising eyebrows all around the globe with its unique approach to affordable and dependable effects backed by top-notch customer service. Owner Michael Willett informed us “I still love to answer the phone and talk with our customers. I believe that personal level of customer service is what has catapulted us to the top.”
In the span of just over 5 years, Atlanta Special FX has built an extensive database of artists, performers, and corporations in just under 80 countries and has become the go to company for those intrigued by exciting new technology. This new office in Jamaica will offer CO2 cryo jets, new patent pending confetti machines, Cloudvertise®, LED DMX bracelets, UV neon paint cannons, fake snow, and much more.

Contact: Michael Willett
Atlanta Special FX

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Atlanta Special FX to Create First Ever Man-Made Logo Clouds at Richmond International Raceway’s, April 25 & 26 NASCAR Event Weekend

Atlanta Special FX to Create First Ever Man-Made Logo Clouds at Richmond International Raceway’s, April 25 & 26 NASCAR Event Weekend

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 23, 2014
These lighter than air foam clouds simply referred to as Cloudvertise® are an innovative way to brand company logos and entertain excited race day fans in a way never done before at a NASCAR race.
"Cloudvertising helped with Chick Fil A Bowl sponsors and fans," says D. Martin. "ESPN wanted to film it, fans asked about it, and our sponsors liked the unique form of branding. Cloudvertise was a great addition to our event."
Richmond International Raceway is welcoming an innovative, green technology pioneered by Atlanta Special FX that creates man-made logo clouds called Cloudvertise®.
Atlanta Special FX are guaranteeing 100% chance of fun on race day; with clouds that simply float on the breeze and evaporate into the atmosphere.
Join NASCAR fanatics and watch the sky all day as the midway will be filled with clouds shaped like smiley faces, driver’s numbers, music notes, stars and much more.
These lighter than air foam clouds simply referred to as Cloudvertise® are an innovative way to brand company logos and entertain excited race day fans in a way never done before at a NASCAR race.
Atlanta Special FX, an Atlanta based special effects manufacturer and production rental company, introduced Cloudvertise® to the world and has been taking advertising to new heights ever since. RIR is always on the cutting edge when it comes to entertaining their race fans and this exciting, eco-friendly technology will once again set a trend for others to follow.
Now you might be asking, "How does this technology work?" According to owner Michael Willett “Cloudvertise® is as exciting as it gets for live entertainment. We simply inject a mixture of lighter than air gases into a proprietary foam solution, then force the foam through a template like a giant Play Dough factory.” These foam logo clouds appear at a rate of one every 30-45 seconds and can be programmed to hover on the breeze at pre-determined heights. Each cloud has the ability to float on the breeze for up to an hour before simply evaporating.
Cloudvertise® is available in all 50 states and with the recent expansion of Atlanta Special FX to states like Texas, Tennessee, Colorado and Missouri, this ground-breaking special effect will be filling the skies near you soon.

For More Information: 888-664-0097 or visit

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Atlanta Special FX Expanding to New Locations - Nashville, Dallas, Denver, St Louis, Little Rock and Minneapolis

Atlanta Special FX Cryo Jets For One Republic

February 28 2014: Atlanta Special FX Expanding to New Locations The home office is in Atlanta, Georgia. New locations opening in Nashville, Dallas, Denver, Little Rock, St Louis, and Minneapolis. 

"It is amazing to see this company grow! What started out as an at home business now is a multi million dollar company in multiple cities." - Jan Pease-Hyneman, CEO of Jan Pease Marketing & Events Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) 
Atlanta Special FX is a full service production and special effects manufacturer and rental company. They specialize in out of the box atmospheric special effects including: indoor/outdoor snow effects, co2 cryogenic fog, smoke effects, manmade custom shaped clouds (Cloudvertise®), rain effects, and more. Atlanta Special FX pioneered the amazing visual effect of Cloudvertising and has been branding company logos in the sky for companies like Disney, NASCAR, MLB, WNBA, NFL, NCAA and too many more to mention. Atlanta Special Effects blasted on the scene in 2008 and popularized CO2 cryogenic fog effects and pioneered some of the advanced technology you see today with multiple nozzle jets and laser mounted effects. Atlanta Special FX are in the process of animatronic type movements for their CO2 cryo jets. They are now expanding into 6 new states and replicating the business model. The home office is in Atlanta, Georgia. New locations are now open in Nashville, Dallas, St Louis and Denver. Locations opening soon in Little Rock, and Minneapolis. Over the past few years the success of Atlanta Special FX has led to the request of more local offices that offer the same great customer service and product knowledge that they pride themelves on. They have also been ever evolving and now have multiple patents pending, trademarks and the natural order of things is to recreate themselves and make the companies more convenient to their customers. Their new expansion will save customers thousands of dollars on shipping and also provide experienced onsite technicians to assist with their events. Many customers have travelling productions and this expansion is meant to save them money on many different levels. Atlanta Special FX now has strategic partnerships with many TV and Movie production companies as well and their atmospheric effects are vital to the realism of the filming locations. New and recent product launches include: Triple Nozzle CO2 cryo jet, UV Neon Paint Cannon, Avalanche Snow Machine, Quadruple Nozzle CO2 Cryo Gun Links to recent blogs:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cloudvertise® Alters The Skyline in the Georgia Dome For Alabama SEC Football

August 31, 2013 Atlanta GA: Once again Atlanta Special FX has partnered up with Chick Fil A to show the world an exciting new aerial special effect.  This incredible visual effect is not only stimulating, but it is an amazing form of aerial advertising...and the best part is 'Its GREEN'  That's right this whimsical use of 3D helium filled bubbles is completely eco friendly and can be used for indoor and outdoor venues.  According to David Larsen of Atlanta Special FX "The foam just simply evaporates once it touches any surface leaving no residue."  These amazing man made clouds provide hours upon hours of fun for stargazing fans as they watch their team logo or corporate brand hover around on the breeze.  We caught up with Shane Durrance a well known local photographer (who captured the famous "Atlanta Tornado") and is now working with the Cloudvertise® team and this is what he had to say.  "I have been in and around sporting events all my professional career and I have never witnessed the excitement in kids, and adults, eyes as they gaze at these amazing forms of aerial artwork." We also asked Durrance what intrigued him about this company that made him want to be involved and he remarked "All my life I have watched for the next BIG thing, the next cutting edge idea, and I believe I have found it with Michael Willett and Atlanta Special FX."  
     Our team followed the Cloudvertisers from install to breakdown and it goes without saying these guys never stopped handing out cards and fliers.  Fans were walking all the way down from the nosebleeds just to catch a glimpse of this amazing machine and get more information on how they could utilize it.  We even heard a lady ask about doing weddings and owner Michael Willett said "We can customize this machine to any event no matter what the size."  Seems like the applications are endless and with such a unique and catchy name this product does exactly what its name describes.  We later caught up with owner Michael Willett and asked about his relationship with Chick Fil A and here is what we learned "Chick Fil A was one of the first major companies to reach out to us and we knew from the beginning our ethics, morals and business models were an instant mesh.  They are a company that loves to be on the cutting edge and we are a company that continues to forge along that same edge of technology.  I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with such a great staff year in and year out." 
     This is truly a couple of exciting companies to always be watching out for and if you need more information on this HOT new trend of Cloudvertising call 1-888-664-0097 or visit the website