Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foam Machine Rentals Are Wet And Wild

Wet And Wild Foam Parties
Throw the best back to school party of 2011

For years foam parties have been the wildest party on the block.  It is one of the most Facebooked and Twittered events all year for many colleges fraternities and sororieites.  This wet and wild foam party also ranks among the highest grossing teen parties at nightclub venues all across the nation.  You may ask yourself "What is the big deal?" and the obvious answer is "nothing" if you don't like to have fun.  However if you are a thrill seeking teen looking for a clean, good time then you should find a foam machine rental company and give them a call.  One of the most respected foam rental companies in the industry is Atlanta Special FX.  They offer prices that are very hard to beat and ship to all 50 states with low shipping costs.  For fast friendly customer service look them up.  Check out this video of a foam cannon blasting foam bubbles over what looks like 20-30 feet. 

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