Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Atlanta Special FX Still Expanding With Its First Cloudvertise® Office in Biloxi Mississippi

Biloxi Special FX
Atlanta Special FX Announces Its Newest Office in Biloxi Mississippi.

Over the past year Atlanta Special FX has been on everyone's radar as they have initiated their plan for scaling the company.  This week we saw another new office open in Biloxi Mississppi that will provide local evnet and special effects service to Mississippi, parts of Florida, and Louisiana.  This new office comes as no surprise after the success of the recent Dallas, Denver, Nashville, St Louis and Jamaica offices.  According to owner Michael Willett "Our business model and work ethic are what separates us from the rest of the industry.  We have since day one focused on what our customers need and carved a niche around these needs.  We operate with integrity and ensure the customer is always happy."  The success of any business ultimately depends on how well change is accepted and how well a company adapts to new opportunities.  Atlanta Special FX and Biloxi Special FX will offer the same special effects and event products, as well as open a new market for 3D mapping and other lighting services that were not currently offered.  Biloxi Special FX will special in CO2 cryo fx, UV neon paint parties, low lying fog, fake snow, confetti, as well as offer an entire line of theatrical fluids.  These fluids will include artificial snow, fog fluid, foam fluid, UV paint, haze fluid and more.  Biloxi Special FX will also be the first location in Mississippi to provide the trendy aerial special effect Cloudvertise®.  You will soon be seeing dollar signs and other exciting eco friendly foam shaped clouds hovering in the skies around the MGM resorts.  These lighter than air shapes are stimulating marketing companies across the nation by offering a new marketing medium to place corporate logos in....The Sky.  For more information on the products and services offered by Biloxi Special FX, please click here and visit their website www.BLXspecialFX.com 

To learn more about Cloudvertise® follow the link www.Cloudvertise.com


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