Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CO2 Jets Manufactured for "The Last Place You Look" at Buzzfest 2011

Check out this new video of the CO2 jets manufactured by Atlanta Special FX for a band called "The Last Place You Look". The jets were used by the band for the recent Buzzfest Concert sponsored by 94.5FM out of Houston Texas. The song you are hearing is "Dont Make It So Easy" and the jets are being controlled with a DMX power relay kit, also sold by Atlanta Special FX. This popular concert effect is used by venues all across the world and is a great alternative to pyrotechnics, which we all know are more dangerous. Using the proper lighting this visual effect can be made to simulate a flame. Fore more information on CO2 and cryogenic special effects, contact Atlanta Special FX at 404-644-2801 or click

Thursday, October 13, 2011

CO2 Jets Manufactured for 7eventh Time Down by Atlanta Special FX

Be on the watch for this new and upcoming band. 7eventh Time Down is touring the nation as we speak launching their hot new song "Alive In You."  The following is quoted from their facebook page "Servanthood is not always an easy path, yet there’s an infectious energy that comes from fulfilling a calling and it courses through every powerful track on 7eventh Time Down’s BEC Recordings debut. Anthemic choruses collide with crunchy guitars as Mikey Howard’s powerful lead vocal takes command. Music meets message in a gripping sea of unforgettable songs."

Recently Atlanta Special FX and 7eventh Time Down partnered up to help each other display their products to the world. Unbelievable music and visual special effects. Below is a video of CO2 jets, manufactured by Atlanta Special Effects, firing off during the bands hit song.