Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cloudvertising Announcement - Time To Skyvertise The Chick Fil A Kick Off Games

Cloudvertising, or Skyvertising as some would call it, has become a staple during the Chick Fil A Kick Off Games and Chick Fil A Bowl for the past 3 years.  This year will be no different as Cloudvertising will step up its presence with multiple custom cloud making machines in each end zone of the Georgia Dome.  Come out and see Atlanta Special FX Cloudvertise the team logos, ESPN, Chick Fil A, and National Anthem stars during pre-game, half time, and post game.  This exciting aerial special effect will showcase the Tennessee "T" and the NC State "NC" on Friday August 30th and will follow up with the Auburn "A" and the Clemson "Paw".  This year will be exciting as more and more fans have come to know and love Cloudvertising.  Please come out and support your local SEC football and we will see you there..

Atlanta Special FX
Cloudvertising (Skyvertising)