Monday, November 26, 2012

Cloud Computing Meet Cloudvertising by Atlanta Special FX

For years now people have wondered just exactly what the "Cloud" is in reference to the world of computing.  For many this is still tough to grasp, but as time goes on it gets easier and easier to understand.  Much like the phenomenon of man made clouds, this gray area of "What is Cloud Computing" and "What is Cloudvertising" has been on the minds of many for quite some time.  Over the last few weeks Atlanta Special FX and CBeyond have begun to bridge the gap between Cloud Computing and Cloudvertising by physically Cloudvertising a Cloud Computing celebration.  As you now know both of these "Clouds" have taken time for the mainstream to get their heads around, but take a look around, and you will see that this exciting machine can physically advertise in the Clouds.  Cloudvertising is offered exclusively by Atlanta Special FX and can be done indoors, at events such as: Tradeshows, College Football Games, Professional Sporting Events, Motocross, X Games, and much more.  They are also ideal for any outdoor guerilla marketing or concert venues and can be seen for miles.  This stunning effect can be controlled by the operator to hover at pre set heights and a new floating logo cloud is produced from the machine every 30-45 seconds.  This makes for a sky full of fun.  So over the next few months be watching for other great Cloudvertising....Cloud events from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.  This is an exciting time to grow in the Cloud.  For more information on how to rent a Cloudvertising machine for your event, contact Michael Willett at Atlanta Special FX 1-888-664-0097, or visit
Atlanta Special FX
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cloudvertising Announcement - Time To Skyvertise The Chick Fil A Kick Off Games

Cloudvertising, or Skyvertising as some would call it, has become a staple during the Chick Fil A Kick Off Games and Chick Fil A Bowl for the past 3 years.  This year will be no different as Cloudvertising will step up its presence with multiple custom cloud making machines in each end zone of the Georgia Dome.  Come out and see Atlanta Special FX Cloudvertise the team logos, ESPN, Chick Fil A, and National Anthem stars during pre-game, half time, and post game.  This exciting aerial special effect will showcase the Tennessee "T" and the NC State "NC" on Friday August 30th and will follow up with the Auburn "A" and the Clemson "Paw".  This year will be exciting as more and more fans have come to know and love Cloudvertising.  Please come out and support your local SEC football and we will see you there..

Atlanta Special FX
Cloudvertising (Skyvertising)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cloudvertising Invited to B.O.B Concert at Turner Field

If you haven't heard yet, Atlanta Special FX was invited to bring its newest product "Cloudvertising" to Turner Field and assist with hyping the crowd as part of the album release tour for B.O.B.  The hit song "Strange Clouds" couldn't have used a better intro than some custom shaped B.O.B clouds that began floating all over the stadium as Bobby Ray introduced his hit song.  This stunning visual effect is accomplished by injecting a mix of lighter than air gases into a proprietary bubble formula, which creates lighter than air foam that can be shaped into almost any logo or shape.  According to owner Michael Willett, "These foam clouds can be controlled, especially in contained environments, to do what we want.  If we want them to float 40 feet  or 500 feet overhead we just adjust the machine to inject as much or littl of the gases as we need."  Atlanta Special FX was the first to introduce "Cloudvertising" to the world and they haven't looked back since.  On the horizon are some fun events tying "Cloudvertising" to the world of cloud computing.  Be watching the web for photos and videos from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more.  If you have an interest in learning more about this new avenue for aerial entertainment and branding click here  or please contact Michael Willett.

Michael Willett

Monday, March 19, 2012

Atlanta Special FX Collaborates With Pilgrim Studios, WeTV, My Fair Wedding and David Tutera

Recently Atlanta Special FX was honored to collaborate with some of America's finest wedding planners and production companies to produce a winter white snow themed wedding for David Tutera. The populare reality TV series My Fair Wedding contracted with Atlanta Special FX to produce the white fluffy falling snow you see in Episode #147 on WeTV. After weeks of planning the production staff and Pilgrim Studios designed a breathtaking winter wonderland creation and gave the bride and groom the biggest surprise of the show. Over the past 4 years the snow creation work of Michael Willett and Atlanta Special FX has been featured on multiple reality TV shows and movies including names like ABC's Extreme Makeover Christmas Special, E1 entertainment's Party Mama's, and many more. "We specialize in adding that wow factor and suspending imagination to produce a realistic effect for our clients" Willett Said. "This is what we love to do, and it shows." Some of the effects used to produce this effect are articial snow blankets, snow flocking, QES-100evaporating snow flakes manufactured by Atlanta Special FX, evaporating snow machines, and "Magic Snow". Below is a clip from the collaborative efforts of these great companies to produce realistic snow effects...even if they are indoors.

To create your own artificial snow creation contact:
Michael Willett
Atlanta Special FX

Monday, March 5, 2012

Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns ON SALE NOW - Buy 1 Get One 1/2 Off

This is the sale of the year on CO2 cryo foggers.  The club scene has popularized the portable handheld cryo gun and now Atlanta Special FX has made it affordable for you.  This sale has never been done by anyone in the industry and may never be done again so don't miss out.  This cool, literally cool, dj effect is totally mobile and doesnt require any electricity so you can take it into any venue or on the road with minimal efforts, and trust they will work great everytime.  Used with proper lighting it can even be made to look like a flame effect (As seen in the photo above)  In addition if you purchase a cryo kit (Including Backpack and 4 Foot Cryo Hose Seen Below) you will receive 10% off your accessories.  Call today and take advantage of the savings. 404-644-2804

Offered By:
Atlanta Special FX

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Foam Monster TM - Foam Machine for Ultimate Foam Parties

Photo of Foam Monster
on Show Floor
If you are thinking about purchasing a foam machine this year for your nightclub or summer camp, check out the new “Foam Monster”. This machine is constructed from the finest materials available and works great every time. This fountain style foam machine has a sleek gray gloss powder coated finish and can be mounted on a tripod (cradle included) or hung from a truss our ceiling mount. The new lightweight design allows for many versatile installations. The Foam Monster design also incorporates safety, ease of use, and professional looking presentation. The super high rpm fan with sealed motor will give the user years of high quality foam parties. Dollar for dollar there isn’t another foam machine in the US market that can compare to the $1,250 purchase price. This machine has also been tested time and time again to perform with the proven Double Stack foam concentrate also offered by ATL Special FX. So when the time is right let ATL provide you the highest quality foam machine for the best price available. For more information on the Foam Monster contact Atlanta Special FX at 404-644-2801 or visit the website at

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rent A Foam machine - Good Looking Girls Dancing at Ultimate Foam Party

Wow it is hard to believe that Foam Season is already here again. Time for the thrifty party planners to start reserving foam machines and taking advantage of the Early Bird Savings. Foam parties are all the rage in 2012 and the popularity among social teens and young adults is rising at a record pace. ATL Special FX is one company that stands behind their reputation for providing the highest quality foam machines and foam fluid for the most affordable prices. Over the last few years Atlanta Special FX has made foam parties available to almost every budget out there. And if you haven't had a chance to sample the ultra dry and high stacking Double Stack foam concentrate, give the staff a call and request some. You can reach them almost anytime at 404-644-2801 or visit them on the web at. Check out this awesome video recently uploaded by the Special FX team.

Rent A Foam Machine 404-644-2801 or visit

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CO2 Cryo Jet BIG SALE - Buy One Get One 50% Off Until March 1, 2012

CO2 Cryo JetAtlanta Special FX has released one of the most dependable and affordable CO2 Cryo Jets in the industry. The rugged double nozzle design allows customers to save on hoses and eliminate clutter on stage or in the trusses. The dual nozzle design does twice the work with one jet without losing pressure. Over the years Atlanta Special FX has worked diligently to perfect the American Made cryo jet and has quickly risen to the top of the special effects world. The sleek and compact design has made this jet the choice of many industry professionals and production companies with more and more converting every day. This product is backed by an unparalleled customer service team that is available anytime to educate you or your clients on how to utilize this eye catching visual effect. For more information on how to order visit or you can call direct at 404-644-2801.

Check out the CO2 blast from the drum riser

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cloudvertising at the Super Bowl 2013

If you watched last nights game you noticed the New York Giants were once again victorious against the New England Patriots. You also were privileged to witness a lot of great production work as Kelly Clarkson nailed the National Anthem and Madonna excited the half time crowd.  What you don't see is all the hard work of the production teams and road crews that put those shows together.  It takes months of planning and hard work to ensure the crowd feels the way they felt last night.  The production team and designers were able to pull off one of the most entertaining events in years.  The one thing they did not have, which we want them to have, was Cloudvertising.  The exciting aerial entertainment would have been the one thing that not many people in the states have seen yet.  This unique form of aerial visuals has been used by college sporting events over the past several years, but hasn't gotten a foothold in the NFL world yet.  The Mercedes Super Dome in New Orleans will be the first Super Bowl to witness this amazing effect.  So everyone get your tickets or tune in your DVR for next year and watch for Mercedes, NFL, and Lombardi shaped clouds hovering in and around the dome.  Check out this great video of Cloudvertising at the Chick Fil A Bowl in 2012. 

For more information on Cloudvertising contact Atlanta Special FX at 404-644-2801 or visit the website at

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cloudvertising for University of Tennessee at Chick Fil A Bowl

Cloudvertising will be taking over the skies this year in 2012.  Over the past several years the cloud marketing has been building momentum which has thrust it into mainstream here in 2012.  Atlanta Special FX has been a leader in introducing these cloudvertisements to the world.  Since conception in mid 2008 this completely new form of marketing and corporate branding has been seen by companies such as Chick Fil A, Disney, Coke, Microsoft, Nintendo, Coors Light, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and so many more I don't have time to mention them all.  Many industry professionals are predicting Cloudvertising to soar over the next 12 months, especially now that the rental price has leveled off at a rate almost every company can budget.  Check out the new pricing and great videos of this corporate mind control at

Cloudvertise TM is a registered trademark and any use of it is strictly prohibited without proper licensing

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Mountain 2012 at Stone Mountain Park

Atlanta Georgia - Do you ever find yourself dreaming of playing in the snow?  Maybe you have a friend or colleague who needs to get out of the office.  Atlanta Special FX is proud to announce its that time of year again. Snow mountain is here starting January 14th. With tons of real snow for the tubing on Snow Mountain, The Snow Zone including the Fort Snow, Snowman Valley, Snowball Shooting Gallery, Igloo City, and more.  Your family can also enjoy the Summit Skyride and Discovering Stone Mountain Museum.  Nobody does snow like Stone Mountain Park.  For more information on how to Plan Your Visit surf the site or just give one of the friendly staff a call. And should you ever need the magic of falling snow for your party, give our experienced snow crew a call or visit this site
Check out this great video of families enjoying the snow

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cloudvertising University of Alabama vs LSU clouds

Check out this amazing aerial special effect provided by Atlanta Special FX. This cool foam shaped cloud is called Cloudvertising and can be rented for any college or pro sporting event. Shown here is the Alabama A done for a booster at the University of Alabama. For those of you who missed the Alabama vs LSU National Championship, Alabama won with a shut out of the LSU offense.

Now you can own the skies and brand you favorite school or company logo all around the city. For more information on Cloudvertising contact Atlanta Special FX at 404-644-2801 or

Cloudvertise TM is a registered trademark and any use is strictly prohibited without proper licensing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cloudvertising at the 2011 Chick Fil A Bowl Auburn VS. Virginia

Welcome to the new world of aerial marketing and entertainment. Atlanta Special FX would like to re introduce "Cloudvertising" to you. This amazing aerial effect is being recognized, by industry professionals, as one of the hottest entertainment ideas of 2012. As the first company to utilize these lighter than air, man made clouds, Atlanta Special FX brings the knowledge on how to create and control this spectacular effect. Check out this awesome video of the floating bubble clouds at the 2011 Chick Fil A Bowl game held at the Georgia Dome.

For More information on Cloudvertising
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